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It's great to run. It's also great to volunteer. When you are tired, injured, or just want to enjoy the race atmosphere without running, please consider signing up to be a volunteer. Remember, without volunteers, there are no races. And to all of you out there that volunteer on a regular, or periodic basis. Thank You! THANK YOU!


2017 NERC Volunteer Program Races (Dates for races in bold not updated for 2017)

April 23 (Sunday) 20 & 10 Mile Drop (Fairport)- Water Stop

May 27 (Saturday) Just Run Lake County 5K (Fairport) - Water stop

Beginner Trail Run Series-Dates - NA for 2017

June 11 (Sunday) Hill Yeah Half Marathon (Kirtland)- Water Stop

June 14 (Wednesday) 7:00pm NERC-Flag Day 5K (Mentor)

August 4 (Friday) NERC-Dark Horse 5K (Willoughby)

NERC-Cross Country Series 2017 (Always on a Tuesday Evening)-Lake Farmpark

  1. August 8
  2. August 15
  3. August 22

October 1 (Sunday) Northern Ohio Marathon (Mentor)- Water Stop

November 5 (Sunday) NERC-Autumn Leaves (Kirtland - Farm Park)

December 3 (Sunday) NERC Interclub Race (Newbury)



Volunteer Program:

Most of us realize that without volunteers, we cannot hold NERC races and events.  2017 will be the third year where we will once again run the NERC Volunteer Program.

For each event listed in which you volunteer in advance (you must also show up and sign the attendance list), you will receive an entry in a drawing at the end of the year.  The more times you volunteer, the more entries you will receive and the greater your chance of winning.  You may also receive 2 entries for a single event, at the discretion of the NERC Volunteer Coordinator, depending on the length of the task.

Five names will be selected at our December meeting (no repeat names).  If you are a lucky winner, you would have the choice of a free race entry for any NERC sponsored race the following year, a ticket to the Winter Party, OR, a free membership (individual or family) for the following year.

You can sign up to volunteer by contacting our Volunteer Coordinator, Alex Guthrie, directly, or by using the following link: While anybody may volunteer, and we appreciate all of our volunteers, you must be a member in good standing to be eligible for the NV drawing.  Also note that NERC reserves the right to alter or cancel the program at any time.


Eligible Events for Program


Leprechaun Dash                                Beginner Trail Run Series
10/20 Mile Drop                                  NERC CC Race Series
Flag Day 5K                                         Hill Yeah! Half Marathon
Dark Horse Fun Run                            Northern Ohio Marathon
Autumn Leaves                                    NERC Interclub Race
Just Run Lake County 5K

Volunteer Role Descriptions:

Pre-race Registration
Record race entrants and prepare spreadsheet (paper and electronic entries).

Food Prep
Solicit and coordinate volunteers bringing food to the event. Help organize and set up food at event.

Assist the race director/ event coordinator with putting out markers and signs on the course.

Race Day Registration
Man the registration table by assisting participants with event registration and check-in.

Course Volunteer
Out-on-the-course during the event to assist participants and runners at an assigned position.

Course tear-down or cleanup
Assist the lead volunteer with taking down course markings in the 1 hour following completion of the event.

Run along with BTRS (Beginner Trail Run Series) participants and other participants at events while talking with them about running and training.

Assist the lead parking volunteer with traffic flow in the 1 hour prior to the event.

Run at the very back of the event (behind all participants) making sure all participants have made it safely back. (Sweeping the course.)

Assist the lead volunteer with compiling the results in the 30-60 minutes following the arrival of the first finishers.

Lead Bike
Ride a bike wearing an orange vest out ahead of the lead runners keeping the runners on-course.

Contact us for more information!

-Volunteer Coordinator, Alicia Beattie

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